Departmental Mail Services

Mail Services center

University (internal mail)

Mail carriers deliver pieces of university mail to various departments on the Blacksburg, Virginia campus. There is no charge for internal mail.

To expedite delivery, employees are asked to address university mail as follows:

Joe Hokie
Department Name (xxxx)
Building Name
room or suite XXX
Virginia Tech
XXX Street Name
Blacksburg, VA 24061

A list of departmental mail codes is available.

External mail

Mail carriers drop off and pick up mail at all university departments before noon each day. 

On the occasion that an afternoon pick up is needed, Mail Services may be able to provide a courtesy mail courier. To make a request, departments should call 540-231-6909 before 1 p.m. Requests can only be made within 24 hours of the pickup time.

Mail can also be dropped at the Virginia Tech Mail Services on 1425 S Main Street by 2 p.m. for same-day processing.

Letters and packages received in the Departmental Mail Office by 2 p.m. are delivered to the United States Postal Service or United Parcel Service (UPS) the same day. Items received after 2 p.m. are processed the following business day.

Each piece of mail sent to the Department Mail Office without a mail code should have a completed transaction card attached to expedite processing. Learn more about first class mail and packages and bulk mail.

Addresses for Virginia Cooperative Extension offices are available online.

Specific information regarding departmental billing, transaction cards, first class mail, packages and bulk mail, and courtesy mail couriers is available.