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Billing Changes
For questions concerning a Mail Services bill, call 540-231-6909.
Detailed billing reports for Mail Services are available. The reports are sorted by organization and fund code.

Transaction Cards
Transaction cards are used to identify and charge for services required by departments. Transaction cards should be completed for all mail requiring postage. Virginia Tech interdepartmental on-campus mail does not require postage.

Once printed, type or print your organization name, organization number, and index or Banner fund number on the appropriate lines.

In order to facilitate processing, separate all classes of mail and use a transaction card for each group requiring external delivery. If campus mail is mixed with off-campus mail, for example, the campus mail may be stamped and delivered to the post office. Prepaid mail may be stamped again if it is mixed with other mail.

Departments should pay particular attention to separating mail intended for international delivery. Check the box on the transaction card labeled “Air Mail.”