Campus Mail

  • May be used by students for official business to departments and administrative offices only.
  • May be used by student organizations to send notices to their members only if prepared properly (see example below).
  • Do not require postage
  • May not be used for advertising or solicitation of new members.
  • May not be used for mass mailings.
  • Campus mail may not be used for student to student mail. This mail must have a stamp and be processed through the United States Post Office.

Student Organization Mailing

Student organization mailings must be approved by Residential Mail Service prior to distribution. For approval, bring a copy of the mailing and a desired distribution date to Residential Mail located at 23 Owens Hall. Student Organizations are limited to three mailings per semester.

Must include:

  • Member’s name
  • Address
  • Return address of organization (must be on campus)

Must be:

  • Folded to letter size
  • Sorted by dorm, then by box number
  • Put into the campus mail slot

Campus mailings that do not meet the above guidelines will not be distributed to student mailboxes.