Residential Mail Services provides mail service from the United States Post Office for all students living on campus.

Daily mail service Monday through Friday includes:

  • Delivery and pickup of U.S. mail, campus mail, and rejected mail.
  • Distribution to residence hall mailboxes for all first class mail, second class mail, endorsed bulk mail, campus mail from departments, administrative offices, and student organizations.
  • Email notification is issued for insured mail, express mail, and packages, which can be picked up at 23 Owens Hall.
  • Forwarding and directory service is given to first class mail, insured mail, priority mail, express mail, and packages in these classes only if a change of address is made through Residential Housing and HokieSpa. Letters and packages that are bulk endorsed will not be forwarded and will not receive directory service.

Mail delivery and pickup service in mailrooms is available Monday through Friday. Due to the volume of mail received and the time the mail is received from the United States Post Office, there is not a set time for distribution to mail boxes. Mail is distributed by name and box number. All mail, magazines, and packages need to include a full name, residence hall, and room number. Pieces of mail received without a name will be returned to sender.

Mailboxes are not to be used for personal business and should be emptied out at least once a week.