Mailbox Locations

Some residence halls have mailboxes located in the buildings while others have mailboxes located in adjoining residence halls. The following information list the residence halls with mailboxes and the location of centralized mailboxes.

Centralized Mailboxes Areas

Ambler–Johnston Mailbox Area

  • East Ambler–Johnston Hall
  • Cochrane Hall
  • Hillcrest Hall
  • West Ambler–Johnston Hall
  • Harper Hall
  • New Hall West

Newman Hall Mailbox Area

  • Barringer Hall
  • Johnson Hall
  • Miles Hall
  • Newman Hall
  • O'Shaughnessy Hall
  • Vawter Hall

Peddrew-Yates Hall-West Mailbox Area

  • Eggleston Hall–Main
  • Campbell Hall–East
  • New Residence Hall–East
  • Slusher Hall
  • Eggleston Hall–West
  • Payne Hall
  • Peddrew-Yates Hall
  • Slusher Tower

Residence Halls with Mailboxes

  • Peasron Hall
  • Campbell Hall–Main
  • Donaldson-Brown
  • Lee Hall
  • Pritchard Hall
  • Monteith Hall
  • Special Purpose Housing–SPEH
  • Thomas Hall