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Virginia Tech Student Package PickUPP on the Blacksburg campus


1. Packages arrive on campus for processing.

2. Packages delivered to a PickUPP locker location.

3. You will receive an email with pick up details and instructions.

4. Pick up packages from kiosks within 24 hours.



Please complete this form if you are expecting medications or perishable items to be delivered.







Owens M-F 8am – 7pm – During the Academic Year
GLC M-F 8am – 7pm – Open at the beginning of each semester only.



For help and assistance with most commonly asked questions, please click here.



Use the button below to find your Residence Hall, and the table to find your Virginia Tech Package PickUPP location.


Serves the following residential buildings along with their unique 4 digit code.

Building ZIP + 4
Pearson West 9502
Pearson East 9513
Slusher 9515
Slusher Tower 9515
Eggleston Main 9519
Eggleston West 9520
Eggeston East 1048
Johnson 9506
Campbell East 9535
Campbell Main 9503

Serves the following residential buildings along with their unique 4 digit code.

Building ZIP + 4
Hoge (Lee) 9507
Vawter 9517
O'Shaughnessy 9512
Newman 9536
Payne 9537
New Residence Hall East  9509
Peddrew Yates 9501
Miles 9509
Barringer/Whitehurst 9501

Serves the following residential buildings along with their unique 4 digit code.

Building ZIP + 4
Special Purpose Housing Unit A 9534
Special Purpose Housing Unit B 9525
Special Purpose Housing Unit C 9518
Special Purpose Housing Unit D  9527
Special Purpose Housing Unit E  9528
Special Purpose Housing Unit F  9529
Special Purpose Housing Unit G  9530
Special Purpose Housing Unit H  9531
Special Purpose Housing Unit I  9532
Special Purpose Housing Unit J  9533
Special Purpose Housing Unit K&L  9514
Special Purpose Housing Unit M&N  9540
Special Purpose Housing Unit O&P  9542
Special Purpose Housing Unit Q&R      9544

Serves the following residential buildings along with their unique 4 digit code.

Building ZIP + 4
Pritchard 9523
Ambler Johnson West 9522
Ambler Johnson East 9521
Cochrane 9504
Harper 9538
Hillcrest 9505
New Hall West 9547

Located in front of the Graduate Life Center closest to Kent Street.

Directions:  150 Kent Street.  Between West Eggleston and Donaldson Brown.  Underneath Owens Dining Halls.

You can buy stamps at Dietrick and the on-campus bookstore.

Four things to consider when it comes to package deliveries:

Pick up package promptly:

Retrieving your packages quickly upon receiving the "package is ready" email plays and important part in reducing the overall package backlog.


Please consider having your medications filled at Schiffert Health Center or a local pharmacy. Many local pharmicies also deliver to campus.

Care Packages:

Hokie loved ones should consider using a local provider to deliver cakes, cookies, or other special treats. 

Toiletries, School Supplies:

Consider shopping local in Blacksburg for these items. Many local stores offer grocery, toiletry, and food delivery services.


USPS mail (letters, envelopes, magazines, etc.) will continue to flow to Owens Hall for pickup. 

Students will receive an email when their mail is ready to be picked up. Mail can be picked up in Owens Hall Room 23, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Mail is delivered to Owens Monday - Friday. Please bring a photo I.D. with you when retrieving mail.

Sample Address:

Student’s full name
Residential hall name, Rm XXXX
Street number and street address
Blacksburg, VA 24061-(+ four codes are specific to building)

The student’s address should not have “Virginia Tech” included. This actually slows down the delivery.

If the student’s full name is not included in the address, the mail or package will be returned to the sender.

PDF of residential addresses to print

For students needing to mail a stamped envelope or prepaid package, stamped and prepaid items can be dropped off at Owens Hall Room 23  by 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The university maintains several different addresses for residence hall students: local, permanent, and guardian. These addresses come from the admissions application. Student Affairs updates and maintains the local (residence hall) address for residence hall students. It is the responsibility of each residence hall student to update and/or change his or her address (except for residence hall addresses) through Hokie SPA as soon as possible after the new address is available.

Housing and Residence Life returns the local address to the permanent address at the end of spring semester or when a residence hall student moves off campus during the academic year. Residence hall students who move off campus after their freshman year must change their address through Hokie SPA; otherwise, the permanent address will be considered the local address for all university mailings.